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Based on a True Story - Short Story - Haidji
Based on a True Story - Short Story - Haidji




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Based on a True Story




Being the third of five kids, there should not be so many expectations on her.  

But things in life aren’t always the way we expect them to be, or what we think they should be; so, the expectations were there.  Anika knew from childhood on that success was a must in her family.  For everyone, and each child carrying the weight of her parent’s surname, growing up inside the same house.  It wasn’t an unconventional, noble or rare surname.  The surname was Smith, a common one, but they were raised and treated, as would they be the only Smith family in the world.  They were “The Smiths”.


All the kids needed to be successful to compensate their parents’ hard work by raising them and bringing their name from the mass of people in the society sharing the same five letters in their ID’s, to the surface of a new level. 

From being a simple Smith into being an acknowledged part of “The Smiths.”

Each kid’s school uniform was ironed every evening for the following school day and the white shirt was worth a washing powder commercial on the TV. 

Lawrence, Anthony, Anika, John and Karen were worth a Christmas card made by Hallmark or Papyrus.

But not all kids can grow up accomplishing their parents’ wishes and expectations of them.  Kids have their own dreams and expectations. When parents try to force them in a certain direction, it can be difficult for a child to discover what they really want to do in, and with, their lives.


Lawrence and Anthony followed the family path and were already working with their parents.  More or less happy about their lives.

John, with his strong will, rebelled and decided to go his own way and travel to Bali with his boyfriend, to find himself and decide what to do with his life between smoking pot and overcoming his ‘need’ for ironed towels, becoming a defender of using the same clothes all week, having a shower every 2 or 3 days in the name of love and compromise (only because his boyfriend would move out if he wouldn’t do it), and protecting the environment using no shampoos or soap.  


Karen found her way being a nurse as she failed to enter Medical school; secretly this was what she wanted anyway and the only reason she did not enter Med school was because instead of working to increase her grades, she did her best to decrease them, to avoid the painful explanation of not going to the best University in the country in case she entered another, failing all applications and trying her parents’ second option without letting them know that it was her first one.  “Oh, so sad, I am so devastated, I’m not so intelligent like you expected me to be, but, I could do my best to be a nurse, Dad.”  Crying outside and laughing inside, she saw her dream come true.  Karen became a nurse.


Anika?  Well, Anika…




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